HentaiVerse Bot

1. This bot designed for melee players, not mage.
2. Hardly recommended to use 1H fighting style, but other melee are possibly too.
3. For best practice, please be, at least 250 level. You can use it from level 1 through, but you will face some difficulties in terms of supply and mana management.
4. IT IS IMPOSIBLY TO BYPASS OR AUTOMATE SOLVING CAPTCHA (that one with pony, you know…). You can make your life a little easier if you will install RiddlemasterHelper script (packed inside). This script will do two things: make a beep sound when riddle appears and add clickable icons to make your answer easier. This way you can turn on your speakers or put headphones, launch bot and do computer works — when bot faces pony — he will start beeping about it.

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This is a very primitive, but effective bot (or autoclicker, if you will) for HentaiVerse. Mostly, this HentaiVerse bot designed for players with level 300+, because grinding is too tedious on this point.


What HentaiVerse bot can do?

1. Automatically use Elixirs, Potions and Draughts on certain conditions (for example, Mana Draught uses automatically when MP is below 70%).
2. Automatically cast Curative spells (Cure and FullCure)
3. Automatically cast Supportive spells in certain order (default: Regen > Protection > Haste > ShadowVeil > SparkofLife > SpiritShield > Heartseeker), you can rearrange this or disable some spells to automatically buff (if you don’t know them yet or have in InnateArcana)
4. Automatically use Gems you collected during battle.
5. Automatically cast certain spell when Channelling happened (if this spell already casted, bot will cast another spell by your choice)
6. Automatically do Spirit Stance when your Overcharge meter is full
7. Automatically cast OFC when you have enough Overcharge (you can disable it if you don’;t have this spell yet)
8. Automatically attack first monster in array (when he is dead, — bot will attack next monster).
9. You can hover your cursor on some monster (schoolgirl, for example) and bot will attack it in instead. Very useful when you fighting Trio and Tree and would like to kill Tree first.



Before using this bot, please be sure:
1. You have a lot supplies (Potion and Draught, mostly). In a day bot can burn them in ~10,000 amount. Not very novice-friendly.
2. You have placed your supplies in proper Battle Items slots. You need 9 slots to open full potential of this bot, but you can use default 5 too.
3. Because bot is mindless «slash-slash-slash»-type of play, please be sure you have good equipment.


How to install?
1. For Firefox users: you need to download GreaseMonkey addon. After than just dran’drop bot script in your browser.
2. For Iron/Chrome users: you need to download TamperMonkey addon.Then launch this addon and use «add a new script»
PROTIP: Iron/Chrome browsers are faster then Firefox for HentaiVerse game.



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// Use healing items on //
// Here you can adjust when specific item should be used. 0.7 stands for 70%, 0.35 for 35%, etc.
// If you don’t have this item in your Battle Item Set, just put «0» in.
var useHpDraughtOn = 0.7;
var useHpPotionOn = 0.5;
var useHpElixirOn = 0;

var useMpDraughtOn = 0.6;
var useMpPotionOn = 0.4;
var useMpElixirOn = 0;

var useSpDraughtOn = 0.5;
var useSpPotionOn = 0.3;
var useSpElixirOn = 0;

// Slots for healing items //
// Here you should specify in which specific slot every item placed.
// For example if your Health Draught located in 3 slot, you should input «var slotHpDraught = 3;».
// If you don’t have this item in your Battle Item Set, just put «0» in.
var slotHpDraught = 1;
var slotHpPotion = 2;
var slotHpElixir = 0;

var slotMpDraught = 3;
var slotMpPotion = 4;
var slotMpElixir = 0;

var slotSpDraught = 5;
var slotSpPotion = 6;
var slotSpElixir = 0;

// Healing Spells //
// Here you can adjust when specific curative spell should be used. 0.7 stands for 70%, 0.35 for 35%, etc.
// Bot will use healing spells BEFORE healing items.
// If you don’t have FullCure spell yet, just put «0» in.
var useCureOn = 0.4;
var useFullCureOn = 0.1;

// Supportive Spells (buffs) //
// Here you can select spells bot should use when they are expired. If you don’t have some spells or have them in your InnataArcana perk (auto-cast), mark them as «false».
// Default order is: Regen > Protection > Haste > ShadowVeil > SparkofLife > SpiritShield > Heartseeker. You can change it. Check line 235.
// PROTIP: You can do this thing: select «false» near Heartseeker in this setting, but assign «useThisSpellInChanneling» to «6». This way you will not cast Heartseeker as regular spell, but will cast it only when you have Chanelling effect. Saves a lot MP.
var useRegen = true;
var useProtection = false;
var useHaste = false;
var useShadowVeil = false;
var useSparkofLife = false;
var useSpiritShield = false;
var useHeartseeker = false;

// Channeling behavior //
// Here you can select which spell bot should use when Channeling happens.
// 0 stands for Regen, 1 for Protection, 2 for Haste, 3 for ShadowVeil, 4 for SparkofLife, 5 for SpiritShield, 6 for Heartseeker, 7 for Cure, 8 for FullCure. If you paste wrong value (9, for example), script will cast Cure script (call it fool-protection).
var useThisSpellInChanneling = 6;
// In a case if first spell already casted, bot will use another spell.
var useAnotherSpellInChanneling = 0;

// OFC. If you have this skill (you need to have 21 different ponies in your inventory), then select «true’. otherwise it is «false».
var haveOfc = true;

//////// Settings End ////////